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POWHIDA show microsponsorship.

As a Relational-Aesthetics / Conceptual Art Performance: Running for Lieutenant-Governor of Illinois Problematic residence requirements (for a Virginia and Brooklyn person) partly avoidable at the earliest stage --hell, not like not-living there stopped Rahm [ wiki ].

New Way to Say Occupy.

Project TWADLE (implementation on hold due to heightened national border concern while Revolutions of 2011 and multi-year after effects play out).

Declaring Some People Living Artworks.


All moved to the Art-Music page.


Proposal for Charlottesville about their Robert E Lee statue

HUGE ART. Bushwick Mural District Invites GrumpyVisualArtist

The suicide page.

Want! (this art-installation concept: Allegory [of War]).

Gallery guestbook near-misses.

Ward's 2001 design for September Eleventh memorial emblem / medallion.

DC visit, Obama inauguration prep

Past POLLS of GrumpyVisualArtist visitors.

Famous artists --And Ward in there too.

SCRAPBOOK: Ward pictured by other artists

Bird makes nest on spraypaint can

9-11 related.

Art note: Marina Abramovic's TABLE disappears.

POEM DUMP Page 1 (Available for publication with credit --also listing under "ARTicles".)

POEM DUMP Page 2 (Available for publication with credit --also listing under "ARTicles".)

Leftover randomness (FaceBook and GoogleMaps oddities observed, etc).

Ward's old peace rally DC snapshots.

The MERCH page.

Ward rewite of "Auld Lang Syne" lyrics.

R.I.P. Helene Forbes "ArtChick1".

This Art Is Washable (60's Ad).

Visual editorial: Hirst Spot Painting Ancestors.

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