Helene Forbes Memorial Chalk-In 23rd St 500sBlock NYC July12 of 2012

On Thursday 12 July 2012, in memory of self appointed "art maven" Helene Forbes [ fb ], 200 or so labeled sidewalk chalks (and unknown additional chalks) appeared on a block of 23rd Street. Some friends and fans left memorial messages. Whether removed by business-owners or by local children, all chalk sticks had vanished from the north side of the street by Saturday morning.

Courtesy of Marjorie Blum & family.

Unknown chalker.

Holding something in her beak, a pigeon waddles over to help.

Art bloggerist Frau Kolb left touching words (as did those leaving comments) on her own page [ www ].

Interesting "Mother Jones" article about arrests of chalk-users (not at our event, but maybe a clue as to why or chalks disappeared so fast): here [ article ].

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SIDEWALK CHALK to be left in 500 block of 23rd St NYC. Scrawl your HELENE FORBES memorial love thoughts. Bring chalk to share if able. Invite yourself. Share this.

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