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Ward is an occasional art writer for hardcopy magazine "The New York Art World" (aka "M" aka "In The Art World"). Ward was officially invited to write for the "Huffington Post" arts section in 2011. Ward is open to adding media outlets ---mostly for New York area exhibits, but sometimes for DC or Richmond shows. Links below lead to long-form "director's cut" versions of the articles --before editor/s cut them down to size.

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COVER Indicates a cover story.

Actually or (*) almost published in "Huffington Post".
Actually or (*) almost appearing in print in "The New York Art World" magazine aka "M" aka "In The Art World."

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Orphan article not-yet published outside this art blog (though possibly cross-linked from significant blog/s).

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(Note: Not all Ward art-writing linked here.)

Hang Her High.

Some 2012 Art Trends.

COVER Most Memorable Art of 2011.

My Quibbles with NEA Artist Salary Survey

Google Declares Abstract Art Similar to Tire, Housecat, Muammar Gaddafi.

Artist Lucian Freud Dead.

Jordan Eagles at Krause.

* Reports of Art World Acclaim For 4-Year Old Artist Dupe Global Media.

An Artist's Cy Twombly Tribute.

COVER McDermott & McGough at Cheim & Read.

Cordy Ryman Interview.

Janet Biggs Interview.

COVER Kenny Scharf Interview.

"Default State Network" at Morgan Lehman.

Sofia Maldonado at Magnan-Metz.

BOOK (Edited, compiled by Ward) Jerry Saltz / Art Studio Door Signs.

"Off The Wall" at Allegra LaViola.

Notes: AIPAD 2011. (either a proto-article or well-captioned photo page --listed with both groups).

Yevgeniy Fiks at Winkleman.

Sally Mann at VMFA.

Judith Schaechter at Claire Oliver.

POEM DUMP Page 1 (They're not articles, but are available for publication with credit.)

POEM DUMP Page 2 (They're not articles, but are available for publication with credit.)

A Word Birth : Stuublicity.

(Note: Not all Ward art-writing linked here.)

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