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Thanks for playing to: MoMA, Beijing C-Space, Aurora Art Fair.

Non-melodic "art music" meant to sound different from much of what's out there. Free use ok for artistic purposes (with credit and notification) for: indy film, art videos, gallery ambiance, documentary odd music, NPR, etc. Fee for Hollywood use. Credit: Terry Ward / GrumpyVisualArtist. Notify: via the contact info on
(Since the artist paints outside, this has become the cold/stormy weather "art" activity.)

Here is a YouTube AUTOPLAY list (around an hour total) of the 11 below --for your gallery opening, etc, use. Note: the YouTube link starts playing automatically --have your speakers on.

Contrail Loompas Nothing But Time PsychaBellic PhoneTrip Radar StratoChill (with voices) Duck and Shover The Monty Matrix Bay of Wigs Radar StratoChill (no voices) FunInTensionAlley UnKnee

Banksy BoogieWoogie

Caution Loops

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