Allegory of War (Art Install Concept)

"Lately I'm being haunted by visions of hanging 40+ painting panels from different series groups together into a super-mashup display with a modern warfare theme," says Ward, "but each panel is a foot wide and including the spaces in-between, it would need a good 60 feet. It would take a huuuuuge wall (or at least a pair of them —maybe only possible at spectacular venues like Lehmann Maupin's LES site [ web ], Dodge [ web ], or DC's Long View Gallery [ web ]. I can dream." If hung one abutting the next, the installation would be 54ft x 6.5ft approx.

"They'd likely be hung staggered for easier installation. Groups I'd hope to use include: Matches, White Space, Begotten Forgotten, Just Following Orders, War Stories, Ballistic Signature, Infosomes, Falling Leaves, Flag, Stop Loss,and Souls' Tolls. There might also need to be piles intermixed of bullet shells, dollar bills, printed documents, and (maybe) meat."

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