Aw Just Missed You : Meetings in Gallery Guestbooks

Often one misses friends and/or Art World figures by mere minutes. Ward's 2012 guestbook mark is the blue stamp. Seen here with:

ArtForum's Knight Landesman [ web ]

Artist/curator Ryan Wallace [ web ] and another appearance of ArtForum's Knight Landesman.

Uber art critics Jerry Saltz [ wiki ] of "New York" magazine and Roberta Smith [ wiki ] of the New York Times. Also: artist/blogger Joanne Mattera [ web ].

Jerry Saltz and Roberta Smith again —this time at Postmasters gallery [ web ]. Also artist Ming Fay [ web ].

Whitney-honoree artist Tauba Auerbach [ web ], one of the F*ckYeahs [ web ], and another Knight Landesman /ArtForum.

ArtForum's prolific Allese Thomson [ web ]. Another artist Tauba Auerbach and another Knight Landesman /ArtForum. KL brings his own pen.

French sound/video artist Pierre Laurent Cassiere [ web ]. ArtCritical writer Brian Appel [ web ]. Another appearance of ubercritics Jerry Saltz and Roberta Smith. Venue: Elizabeth Dee Gallery [ web ].

Intrepid explorer/video artist Janet Biggs [ web ], artist Portia Munson [ web ], artist Lina Puerta [ web ], ArtForum critic Kathleen Madden [ web ] on the PPOW [ web ] guestbook.

Artist Allison Malinsky [ web ]. Artist Leah Wolff [ web ]. Artist/curator Ryan Wallace again.

New York Times art critic Ken Johnson [ web ].

These posters all over Chelsea in the Summer of 2012 sometimes became de facto guestbooks. Knowing some New Yorkers cannot resist defacing a poster for such a product, the advertisers wisely left a blank space in anticipation of additions by passersby. With the Ward stamper's mark added, this one says "I WILL NOT PUT CHEMICALS OR Terry Ward IN MY VAGINA" (oh so true!). This one was next to a museum poster for the Chinese tomb-guard statuary exhibit —hence some wag's addition of "terracorra warriors" to the ad.

Yet another Jerry Saltz. Seems like JS also uses his own pen. The camera isn't always present and isn't always ready (battery, memory, gonked focus), but other frequent near-miss people not pictured are artists Sean Capone and Alexi Worth --especially at Winkleman Gallery and also in LES.

In 2013, Ward learned that a favorite Lower East Side gallery, Untitled Gallery (a.k.a. UNT/TLED Gallery) had been posting on their website some snaps from their guestbooks. On their Friday the 13th (one of the few days reclusive Ward regularly goes gallery hopping) 2012 page, a Ward stamp is visible here: [ web ].
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