HUGE ART. Bushwick Mural District Invites GrumpyVisualArtist.

It might be New York City's first legal "street art" roof mural. Measuring around 150 feet by --well-- a whole city block, it is likely now the largest art piece in the Bushwick mural district in Brooklyn. The recently knighted* street artist and fine artist Terry Ward (AKA GrumpyVisualArtist) designed and painted the mural at the invitation of Joe Ficalora, leader of The Bushwick Collective, an urban rejuvenation team working with international graffiti artists and street culture figures. Like Ward's paintings, the mural is designed to be viewed from any direction (there is no top or bottom) and can be expanded later with additional Ward designs on nearby roofs. NYPD note: written permission was obtained from property owners. In photos below, (Sir) Terry Ward paints, Ficalora has a red shirt, artist assistant Bruce the Great has sunglasses. Photos and text press-usable with credit:

PS: Of course there was no direct roof access --paint cans and supplies needed to go up a two-story ladder. And of course the entire roof was ringed with a two-foot roll of razor wire --of course! The location (348 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY) has not appeared with the mural showing on map websites; please contact us with links when aerial photography updates eventually include the mural.

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Street Art Tagging Comme Des Garcons at 520 W 22nd St (Legally)

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*By the world's tiniest country; Queen Elizabeth II was not involved.

The Bushwick Spots/ Bushwick Roof Circles photos courtesy of: artist's assistant BRUCE THE GREAT.