A journey to DC during an anti-war and anti-Bush rally ---2005? Lots of Art World folks present and no shortage of guerilla street theatre and street art to be seen.

The Secret Service put extra layers of barrier in front of the White House fence.

Mostly Socialist Party signage in this section. Pro-Palestinian signage clustered elsewhere.

A wonder that some security sniper didn't pick this guy off of the Constitution Av sign.

Code Pink rep very pleased to be photographed and patiently re-fisted twice as the camera battery fought the process.

A meeting of elder and youthful beards. Inter-generational co-bearding.

DeathHorse puppet amid clamor of whistles and hip-drums.

Sea of signs. WARNING: profanity-sensitive persons don't look at the one on the far left side.

Skeleton Guy.

Another dude cashing in. Lots of capitalists selling to the mostly-socialist crowds. Almost no giving away of material --at least in this section.

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