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(Ward has not approached galleries about representation, but is interested.)


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Al Gore
The Carter Center
Smithsonian's Annmarie Garden
Tsushima Maru Museum
Museum of the Shenandoah Valley
Cy Twombly
Sally Mann (snapshot)
Shen MoCA
US National Park Service
ArtCurrents NYC
Jerry Saltz
Cleveland Museum of Art

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VA – Winchester: Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, “Terry Ward's Infinite Mashup” (2018-2019, solo, curator: Cory Garman). (Concurrent same-venue exhibits with: Renaissance great Albrecht Dürer; Old Masters Brueghel, Gainsborough, Constable, Guardi, and Hubert Robert; 19th century greats Corot, Whistler [of Whistler's Mother fame {wiki}], and Turner; plus Art Deco icon Maxfield Parrish.)

VA - Strasburg: SHEN MoCA "Strasburg Biennial" (2018, invitational biennial, curator: Rupert Ravens). (Shown with: Yoko Ono, Viggo Mortensen, Bruce Conner, Loren J. Munk, Grace Graupe Pillard, Nina Levy, Melissa Pokorny, China Blue, Gae Savannah, AK Airways , Christopher Hart Chambers.)

MN – Minneapolis: Mayo Medical Center (National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education summit venue), “Patient Experience with Health Professionals” (2018, large group show, curator: Ted Meyer).

VA – Richmond: Basic City II, “Terry Ward, Long-Term Guest Artist” (2018-2021, solo, organizer: Bart Lanman).

VA – Waynesboro: Virginia Street Art Festival, “Terry Ward, Happy Ducks on Wayne's Main” (2018, organizer: Meghan Williamson). (One of three official artists: others were Nils Westergard and Julia Chon.)

NY – New York City: Petzel Gallery, “We Have To Talk: Artists Respond” (2017, large group show, organizer: Seth Kelly). (Shown with: Rirkrit Tiravanija, AA Bronson, et al.)

DC – Washington: Corcoran Gallery Rotunda (AKA The DC Fundred Mint), “Fundred Dollar Reserve” (2017, large group show, organizer: Mel Chin).

NY – New York City: Art-Bridge, “Roots” (2017, group show, curator: Kate Ryan).

NM - Taos: Harwood Museum of Art, "Selfies" in "The Errant Eye" (2017, large group show within themed exhibit of museum pieces, curator: Shemai Rodriguez et al).

VA – Waynesboro: Basic City Beer Company, “Terry Ward, Long-Term Guest Artist” (2017-2021, solo, organizer: Bart Lanman and Chandler Lanman).

NY – New York City: Bushwick Collective, “The Bushwick Roof Mural” (2015, solo invitational, curator: Joseph Ficalora).

XX - (Online): Trey Speegle, "20 Artists Take On The Old Stars And Stripes" (2015, group show, curator: Trey Speegle). (Shown with: Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jasper Johns, James Rosenquist, Ed Ruscha, Annie Liebovitz, Leo Villareal, et al.)

CN - Shanghai: Westbund Art & Design Fair (Antenna Space area), “Terry Ward: Just The Details Please” (2014, solo, curator: The Gallery Project director Xin Wang 王欣).

MI - Detroit: Museum of New Art, "An Art Exhibition of Self-Portraits (AKA 'The Selfie Show')" (2014, group show, curator: MONA director Jef Bourgeau). (Shown with: Gao Brothers, Arlene Rush, Savannah Spirit, et al. .)

NY – New York City: Whitebox Art Center, "Cavellini Centennial Tributes" (2014, large group show, organizer: Mark Bloch). (Shown with Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, et al.)

NY - New York City: The Lodge Gallery, “Transform New York: Street Objects" (2014, group show, curator: Kimberly Marrero &'s Meaghan Kent). (Exhibit AKA: Transforming New York, Transforming NYS, and NYC Transformed.)

CA - Los Angeles: LRC Gallery, "Pain" (2014, group show, curator: Ted Meyer).

XX - (Online): NASA, "(Competition Winners of) KEPLER Art of Discovery" (2014, group show, curator: Edna Devore).

CN - Beijing: C-Space, “Terry Ward: Spot” (2014, solo --Ward painting images projected with Ward music, curator: The Gallery Project director Xin Wang 王欣).

XX - (Online): No Blood on my Clothes Project, "Sicheren Arbeitsbedingungen für Textilarbeiterinnen" (2014, large group show with presentations to the UN and EuroParliment, curator: Bea Fischer).

EUR (FR) - Paris: Monnaie de Paris, confirmed use of contributed collaborative content for Artist John Baldessari in Baldessari's Your Name in Lights (2014, text-based installation).

NY - New York City: Museum of Modern Art, “Abstract Currents” (2013, group show --Ward painting images projected in MoMA "PopRally" large group video installation in MoMA lobby and in Marron Atrium, organizers: MoMA staff).

MD - Solomons: Smithsonian affiliate Annmarie Garden's Main Gallery (Murray Arts Bldg), “ELEMENTS” (2013, group show, jurors: Smithsonian Nat.Mus.Amer.Ind. curatorial staffer Rebecca Head Trautmann and "Bronze et al" president Andrew Baxter).

NY - New York City: RH Gallery, “Single Fare 3” (2013, large group show, organizers: Rebecca Heidenberg, J.P. Roy, Michael Kagan).

TX - Dallas: Aurora Art Fair (2013, art music installations, curators: Joshua King, Shane Pennington).

XX - (Online): Gallery Temenos, "Text and Image" (2013, group show, curator: Adriane Little).

VA - Richmond: Singleton Center for the Arts, invitational contribution of collaborative material with It Gets Better Project and Richmond Men's Chorus in  Everything Possible (2013, text-based installation in multimedia concert, organizer: RMC and Martin McFadden, et al).

NY - New York City: New York Mercantile Exchange's art gallery, “Terry Ward : Break The Mold” (2012, solo show, curator: A. Singh).

NY - New York City: Family Business Gallery, "Don't Be A Ham" (2012, large group show, organizer: Ari Marcopoulos). (Shown with: Maurizio Cattelan, et al.)

GA - Atlanta: The Carter Center, art in selective permanent display collection (Ongoing, collection of: Jimmy Carter).

CA - Los Angeles: L.A. Convention Center, invitational contribution of collaborative material with Artist Diedra Krieger in Krieger's  Building Backbones at CAAAE (2012, text-based installation).

DC - Washington: Washington Harbor building / 3050 K St, "Duke Ellington School of the Arts Benefit Exhibit by Coldwell Banker RB: Established Artists Supporting Emerging Artists" (2012, group show, organizers: the Nute committee).

NY - New York City: Family Business Gallery, “Hennessey Youngman presents Itsa Small Small World” (2012, large group show, organizer: Hennessey Youngman). (Shown with: Maurizio Cattelan, Marilyn Minter, et al. )

VA - Lexington: Cy Twombly property, art in personal collection (Ongoing, collection estate of: Cy Twombly).

NY - New York City: ArtBridges, invitational contribution of collaborative material with Artist David Greg Harth in Harth's Every Person I Know (2012, relational photo-based installations).

GA - Atlanta: BillboardArtProject, "Color Shift" digital highway billboard installation (2012, group show, curator: Katerina Lanfranco).

NY - New York City: ArtCurrents / AC Institute Gallery, “Occupy Wall Space” (AKA "Occupy These Walls", "Occupy This Wall", "The OWS Show") (2011, large group show, organizers: Holly Crawford, Jeff Wright, Holly Anderson).

NY - New York City: Two Fingers Gallery (Chelsea) and Two Fingers Gallery II (LES), “Give An Inch” (2012, DIY group show, curator: self). (Shown with Betty Tompkins, Peter Reginato, Adrienne Moumin, Robert Chapman.)

NY - New York City: Pritzker Studio Gallery off-site venue, “Box JS-60” (2011, invitational group project, organizer: Elisa Pritzker).

NY - New York City: Sloan Fine Art, “Single Fare 2 : Please Swipe Again” (2011, large group show, organizers: Alix Sloan, J.P. Roy, Michael Kagan).

LA - New Orleans: BillboardArtProject, digital highway billboard installation (2011, large group show, organizer: David Morrison).

EUR (NL) - Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum, confirmed use of contributed collaborative content for Artist John Baldessari in Baldessari's Your Name in Lights (2011, text-based installation).

IL - Chicago: BillboardArtProject, digital highway billboard installation (2011, large group show, organizer: David Morrison).

DC - Washington: eMerge Art Fair, confirmed use of contributed collabotarive content for Artist Adam Good in Good's Swarm (2011, text-based installation).

GA - Savannah: BillboardArtProject, digital highway billboard installation (2011, large group show, organizer: David Morrison).

IL - Chicago: Waldorf Room of Hilton Chicago, “Speech as Prospective Democratic Lieutenant Governor Nominee” (2010, relational-aesthetics spoken word project).

NY - New York City: Kagan+Roy Brooklyn pop-up venue, “Single Fare” (2010, large group show, organizers: J.P. Roy, Michael Kagan).

MD - Solomons: Smithsonian affiliate Annmarie Garden's Main Gallery, “Glow in the Gallery” (2010, group show, curator: Melissa Winslow Langley).

DC - Washington: Artomatic X (Art Fair), “Terry Ward: OmniDirectional Art” (2009, booth in large group DIY fair, organizer: George Koch).

(TV) - HBO Films: filmed painting as harbor artist character for miniseries “John Adams” (2008, deleted scene, producer: Tom Hanks).

{Radio} National Public Radio’s quoted, art pictured in re “All Things Considered” news article (2009, editor: NPR staff).

VA - Charlottesville: Sage Moon Gallery, “Emerging Artists” (2008, group show, curator: R. Raban, “Best in Show” award).

MD - Baltimore: Silo Point pop-up venue, site-specific installations (2008, solo show, curator: J. Hessman).

VA - Staunton: Kronos Gallery, “Art is Dangerous IV” (2008, group show, curator: K. Postupack).

(Book) - (ISBN 978-1-60402-690-0), Book cover art for An African-American Community of Hope (2007, author: Nancy Jones}.

VA - Alexandria; TN - Nashville: Tipper and Al Gore residence, art in personal collection (Ongoing, collection of: Al Gore).

{ 1993-2007 Mostly teaching-related-only art activity while fully involved as art teacher in public schools (and in occasional film work).}

OH - Cleveland: Cleveland Museum of Art (1999, items purchased for shop’s “originals” pilot program).

MA - Peru: Danbee, Mural 1, Art Car 5 (Zed), Mural 2 (1995-96).

MA - Peru: Danbee, UFO Crash Planned Hoax (1995, site-specific installation with effects, organizers: Toporoff Bros, Hinsdale Volunteer Fire Dept, DukeJets Helicopter Aviation).

VA - Harrisonburg, Staunton, Bridgewater: Sawhill Gallery at James Madison University, Demming Alternative ArtSpace at Mary Baldwin College, Kline Gallery at Bridgewater College, respectively (1991, solo thesis-related exhibits, faculty advisor: Martha Caldwell).

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Some published reviews and articles (and a couple cover stories) for: 
~ Huffington Post
~ Print magazine "In The Art World"
~ NPR affiliates
~ Print magazine "The New York Art World."
(See ARTicles page.)

Thesis book: Found Object Art in Art History and Over... (1993, James Madison University, advisor: Martha Caldwell)

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