-Random: DC Rocketman's FaceBook page (Glenn Neff)

Very random item:

This is a screencap of what seems to be the would be "DC Rocketman" (to coin a nickname)'s FaceBook page --at least what's publicly visible (at least before it is taken down).

Glenn Neff of Stuart FL was arrested with a vehicle with attached launcher tubes and packed with fireworks, seemingly meant to make for a memorable and likely-illegal protest in Washington DC. News article here: link. Was he meaning to disrupt the opening day of the MLK memorial on the National Mall?

The FaceBook screencap composite (note: portions deleted for clarity, non-suspect faces redacted voluntarily):

Note: protests without incendiaries and with permits can be really creative (pics from anti-war/anti-Bush rally long ago) at times. But using fireworks? Whatever the message --oh that's not gonna go over well with the authorities. No no no.