Art: Selected MashUps

In theory, any Ward art may be mixed with any other Ward art. Panel/s from 2008 may be mixed with art made in 2013. The artist need not be notified of such mixing or possible new meanings. Ward calls the feature "modular MashUp capability" --or just MashUp display. Examples:

Eight-panel mashup of Series 347 and Series 340.

Six-panel mashup of Series 347 and Series 332, and Series 350.

50-panel uber-mashup with a "century of war" sort of theme --seeking a space with long walls (scale person /posing artist not included).

Six-panel mashup of Series 340, Series 230, and Series 215.

Six-panel mashup of Series 350 and Series 337.

Of course since Ward art is OmniDirectional, real-world MashUps need not always be closely-spaced vertical arrangements.

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