Banksy Boogiewoogie (Art Music)

Thanks to Art Critic Jerry Saltz and his copyright-disregarding ("take anything from me") Facebook page. Of course thanks also to Banksy's crew and also the 1-800 number* officially explaining various Banksy art works as they appear --heavily quoted in this piece for artistic effect.

Most of the GrumpyVisualArtist art music is on the ART MUSIC PAGE

Since art music is the bad-weather activity of this outdoor-painting visual artist, perhaps visitors might want to peek at the actual paintings.

Note: at the time of "music" making, a Banksy piece much in the news was a 9-11-01 themed design; this piece of art music happens to be 9:11 (9 min, 11 sec) long.

(* Attention lawyertypes: Much as the creator really really wouldn't mind monetizing this activity somehow, so far Ward's art music is a totally not-for-profit art "speech" activity.)

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