Ward solo "Spot" in Jan 2014 at The Gallery in Beijing C-Space

For this non-commercial exhibit on the other side of the world, curator Xin Wang sought (for ease of international transport) worthy video art, sequenced video projections of still images, and print-outs of images capable of being shredded at the end of the exhibit. The selected artists each had a one-day solo exhibit in The Gallery (Xin Wang's traveling installation / exhibit venue which is set up within other galleries --C-Space in the case of the Beijing show). Ward's show, "Spot", had projections of circular detail views of Ward paintings (including Series 350, 343, 337, 336, and 332) along with some Ward art music. The Gallery has since begun traveling to other world cities, including a 2014 stop in London. Except for the circular format, the Ward projections were similar to ones Ward exhibited under the name GrumpyVisualArtist at MoMA in the 2013 Pop Rally show.

Photos courtesy of Xin Wang

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