-ART: Series 337 (Souls' Tolls)

Multi-panel OmniDirectional painting group; panels composed and wired to hang at any angle. Dimensions variable; each panel (~10 lbs) size 78"x12" (6.5ft x 1ft). OK to show/sell/regroup any combination of panels (including singles) even with other series.
Series 337 (Souls' Tolls)*
Oil, ExPaint, latex, acrylic, spraypaint, wax, objects, appropriated artist images on panels (aka mixed media).

All panels, hung horizontally:

A real world hanging (at NYMEX in 2012):
All panels, hung vertically:

All panels, hung at angles:

Detail views:

The individual panels:

*Artist notes:
This is the final incarnation of twice-reworked panels first seen in the "Studio Visit" video. The piece includes crayons —during fabrication, melted into place with a directional heat source (much to the alternating interest and dismay of the toddler they were commandeered from). The art includes images appropriated from other artists as a tribute and also for expressive purposes; such use is within artistic/journalistic/academic Fair Use. Appropriated artists include Rirkrit Tiravanija [ wiki ] (FEAR EATS THE SOUL images) and Felix Gonzales-Torres [ wiki ] (gun deaths series images).

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