POWHIDA Show Microsponsorship (AKA The Asterisk)

In the planning phase of the William Powhida [ wiki ] exhibit/performance/relational aesthetics action/publicity stunt called POWHIDA [ www ] at Marlborough Chelsea gallery [ www ], there was talk of criticizing money's role in the art world by ironically including many sponsorships. Ward and Powhida discussed a "microsponsorship" by Ward involving product placements (an imprinted t-shirt and some "sponsorship bling" for Powhida to wear one or more times during the show's run). Ward delivered the agreed-upon props to the gallery with the understanding that they might or might-not actually be used --depending on the flow of events. During the actual gallery project, William Powhida was out-of-state and tasked an actor to perform as the "Powhida Character" and use of the props was at the actor's discretion.

Since Powhida Character wound up not using the props, no sponsorship payments went forward and the "official" Ward involvement with POWHIDA was an amusing asterisk.

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