-ART: Series 40 (Legalism Everywhere)

Multi-panel OmniDirectional painting group; panels composed and wired to hang at any angle. Dimensions variable; each panel (~10 lbs) size 78"x12" (6.5ft x 1ft). OK to show/sell/regroup any combination of panels (including singles) even with other series group no longer available.
Series 40 (Legalism Everywhere)*
Oil, acrylic, metal-suspension, SPOW, gravity-effects on panels (aka mixed media).

Real world view (from the "Between The Acts" show).

After the planned rehang to an angular arrangement:

Horizontal hang:

Angular hang:

Detail close-ups:

The individual panels:

*Artist notes:
"To participate in a tiny rural podunk exhibit, there was a liability release form. Around the same time I saw a new string of fairy lights which had six safety (liability control) labels on it. Legalism everywhere! The events were still in mind while making these pictures. Amid airy sprayclouds, thick marbleized paintruns, metallic additions, and loopy 'baroque' complex fine dripwork, there are hidden text areas of legalistic phrases like moot, posit, void, or (the classic) whereas."

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