Open Letter to The City of Cleveland

Hey, Cleveland!

Fix your flag!

Your city flag evokes the outdated “mistake on the lake” stereotype –not a dynamic “comeback city.”

It looks like it was designed by a student –because it WAS.

The middle looks like a lunchmeat label.

Also, France called: they want their flag back.

No one even knows what the two “bugs” in the shield’s top section are. (Actually, the “mosquito” is oars and an anchor on a windlass; the “tick” is a wheel/anvil/hammer combo.)

Current Flag of the City of Cleveland _______MORE BELOW (Shortcut URL to this image: )

As an artist who spent two childhood years in Cleveland, I donate to the municipality my CLEVELAND ROCKS flag design:

The CLEVELAND ROCKS Flag _______MORE BELOW (Shortcut URL to this image: )

Now to symbolize industry and transit strength, the muddled “bugs” transform into the Anchor-Sledge device (itself, cool enough to be tattoo-worthy). It is marked, “CLEVELAND ROCKS / 1796 / PROGRESS AND PROSPERITY.”

From the electric guitar (!) zaps a zigzag resembling both a digital sound-graph and also an abstracted Cleveland skyline. Stars: from the city seal.

The green border is for the parks, forests, and museums; thus, the old culture joins the traditional working strength and the new vigor.

You deserve the most badass municipal flag in the U.S.


Rock on.

~ Artist Terry Ward, active in Brooklyn and in Virginia.


I'm serious, Cleveland. Contact me for a scalable .SVG image file to work with.

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