City: You Park in Bike Lane We Crush Your Car

One city isn't screwing around with those who block bike lanes. Not a person to do things by half-measures, Arturas Zuokas, the mayor of Lithuania 's capital city, Vilnius, showed in a video on the city's website that parking in bike lanes could be punished severely: by crushing. Mayor Zuokas boards a "tank" (more of a Stryker-style troop transporter, but who's going to quibble with anyone aboard one) and squashes a luxury car blocking the bicycle path. The mayor later chides the a car-owner who is dressed like a Russian mobster. Then the mayor pedals away on a bicycle on a route now pleasantly free of obstacles.

Image stills below are screencaps from the amusing the Vilnius municipal film.
This art-blog's author is of Lithuanian heritage and grins heartily at the spectacle.