-ART: Series 60 (Ashcroft's Fig Leaves)


All panels composed and wired for hang at any angle.
This group no longer available.
Show and sale of any combination of panels is ok.
Up to eight panels in this group.
Each panel weighs around 10 lbs.
Each panel 1ft / 12in x 6.5 ft / 79in.

Series 60 (Ashcroft's Fig Leaves)
Can be taken as a pure abstract visual experience, but also is a subtle anti-censorship statement. It recalls the censorship under John Ashcroft of the statue Spirit of Justice in Washington DC. Outlines show where fig leaves had been ---with the word "remove" stenciled in places. Marbleized dripwork and some "baroque" spiral dripwork appears. The background color seems gray but is really a mix of fine sky-blue, ivory, and peach brushsmacks.