Famous Artists (and Ward in there too)

On the "Picasso Wall" (site of a Picasso and Cezanne show in the previous season) of Smithsonian-affiliated Annmarie Garden, Ward's Series 30 hangs. In the foreground stands an Arnoldo Pomodoro [ wiki ] sculpture (Traveler's Column, bronze, 1962) on loan from National Gallery of Art's Hirshhorn Museum [ wiki ].

Detail view of Ward's Series 30 panels (dark, foreground) inside and temporarily perched against the gallery window, while outside (bright, background) Cluster of Four Cubes by Geroge Rickey [ wiki ] on loan from the National Gallery of Art slowly turns in the breeze.

Ward drops off Series 30 for exhibit; standing in the background is Kenneth Snelson's [ wiki ] minimalist sculpture Six Number Two on loan from National Gallery of Art.
The famed photo-artist Sally Mann [ wiki ] with Ward's Series 201 which by estate went to her from the piece's previous owner, the great artist Cy Twombly [ wiki ].

A monumental columnar outdoor sculpture by the famed Martin Puryear [ wiki ] in this venue's permanent collection is visible through the window at the end of the corridor.

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