Ward Posing around the Art World

At one of many outdoor painting sites. Somewhat paint-covered.

Tiny print of a Ward painting group faintly visible in the window of the World's Smallest Gallery: the silly Two Fingers Gallery [ web ] in Chelsea.

Heya Bud, how'ya doin'?

Ward turned into a deadpan Shirley Temple when reflected in part of The Lightning Factory, a mirror mural by Andrew Erdos at the great Claire Oliver Gallery [ web ]

Ward with uber art critics Jerry Saltz [ wiki ] of "New York" magazine and Roberta Smith [ wiki ] of the New York Times —special thanks to Roberta, who (according to Jerry), "never gets in the picture." Photo at I-20 gallery's "Data Trash" show [ web ].

Ward explains his art for film crew.***

Visiting DC in 2013 to see art by Olek and by Mia Pearlman at the Smithsonian's Renwick Museum. Olek's installation.

National Public Radio put a photo of Ward's #3 painting shoes on NPR.org in a page about a report on the news show "All Things Considered". (These are not the paint-shoes that appeared at the Ward solo at NYMEX.)

Artists Terry Ward, Janet Biggs, Bob Cmar at a Janet Biggs curated art video event at the Modern and self-consciously artsy Capitol Skyline Hotel [ web ] in DC.*

Ward being art writer.*

Ward as art writer, making note to self: "everyone is going to write about the Mao photo and its many derivative portraits, so find something else to write about."*

Watching Luiny Rivera Gelpi report from the Sofia Maldonado [ web ] opening at Magnan-Metz [ web ] with a portion of Sofia's 42nd Street mural which was reinstalled at the gallery.

(Art-writing) Ward's Huffington Post headshot-icon.

Posing with artist #CafeWaitress (Rachel Lee Hovnanian) during her "Mud Pie" show at Leila Heller Gallery [ web ]. The "Texas" view out the windows is a video projection. "Diner" food was tiny cubes of bacon- and pie-flavored clear Jello. Our effected Southern accents were playfully inconsistent.

Scharfed-out on a scorching-hot day in Chelsea. Ward's Kenny Scharf cover-story interview.

A circa 2007 painting shirt is still a painting shirt in 2012. Background colors are industry-grot not paint. For more paint drips and industry-grot, see the Studio Visit video page.

In New York with DCKT Contemporary gallery's [ web ] rising star artist Cordy Ryman at an opening.* Ward article: here.

"Rare appearance of the artist's teeth —largely unseen since 1976" with Lenny Campello [ web ] at metro DC's Gateway Arts Center with Tim Tate [ web ] wall piece behind.

Applause to PR dynamo and keeper of AIPAD press passes, Nicole Strauss ---here getting a diplomatic gift of "M" AKA "In The Art World" magazine from artist and art-writer Terry Ward.*

"Artist Terry Ward saving Gavin Brown's parking space" in the Rirkrit Tiravanija no-front-wall exhibit shortly after fellow artists Eric Clinton Anderson and Patricia Silva stole Gavin's car [ article ] --or rather shifted conventional viewer/artwork paradigms in a relational aesthetics interpretive experience. The show and the joyride both appear in Ward's best-of-the-year cover story.

With MARVIN mogul and art-preservation hero Sheldon Scott ---so committed to saving a threatened historic Obama mural by Shepard Fairey that he bought/rebuilt the building.*

w/ Page Bond at her gallery's opening of Sally Mann and other photographers in a show coincident with the Mann retrospective at the nearby state museum of Virginia.* Ward article re Mann/VMFA.

Ward photographed Robert Chapman (pictured) photographing Unknown British Tourist photographing Unknown British Girl With Rust-Colored Hair posing at rust-colored wall of Jim Kempner Fine Art [ web ]. A few more cameras, and it could become an infinite regression of photographers. Musing about the possibility on a Facebook thread [ fb ], Ward said "someone who knows how to organize flashmobs must coordinate a linear mob of people taking pictures of people taking pictures of people taking... get like 50," a concept which uber-critic Jerry Saltz promptly nominated for inclusion in a biennial.

In with the merry "Barter Town" art-lunacy in NYC on Canal Street's Duarte Square alongside Coby Kennedy and Jazz-Minh Moore [ www ].

Enjoying the surface of a Jens Praet [ web ] art-table while Jens himself stands by. 2011.*

Ward seeing gallery visitors' reflections in the glossy blood-in-resin art of Jordan Eagles [ web ] at Krause Gallery [ web ] in LES ---entered cynically filled with "oh no, will this art fad ever end?" preconceptions about not-wanting to see yet another body fluids show, left struck with thoughts of life's fleeting brevity inspired by the art. Fully won-over. Well executed pictures. This had to go into a magazine article.*

Ward and photographer-friend Robert Chapman reflected in a blood-art piece by Jordan Eagles at Krause.

In the corner front row at Conner Contemporary Art 's [ web ] first (e)Merge [ web ] panel.****

"Back in the day" (circa 1995?) Terry Ward and sister prepare to lay down in a Felix Gonzales Torres [ wiki ] candypile and make snow angels until told by a Guggenheim guard to cut it out.

Reflected in Reflective Reflexion [ web ] (exhibit of a Corban Walker and a Carrie Yamaoka artwork, curated by Joy Garnett in the back of Winkleman Gallery [ web ]). 2010.

Pointing back (respectfully) at a Jazz-Minh Moore [ web ] painting hanging at Lyons Wier Gallery [ web ] in 2010.

Dressing room at the Kennedy Center ---hastily snapped while serving as another visual artist's assistant and helping coordinate the artist's on-stage appearance event.

w/ Hamiltonian Gallery [ web ] owner and fellowships patron, Paul So.*

Posing outside the magazine office (outside= on the 30-inch building-ledge many stories above Times Square). Why? Photographer said it would be a cool image. Okay, it is. Don't fall? Get cool photo. Building in the background is the Westin tower. Image: 2011 —before "In The Art World" HQ moved out of Times Square to the bigger space in Long Island City. The NYPD is ever-alert for suspicious activity on the ground at Times Square, but they almost never look up.*

Contentedly leaving a Hemphill [ web ] gallery opening in 2011 with a tiny relic of their 2008 Christenberry exhibit in hand. *

Gazing into the Eat Me mirror at Morgan Lehman [ web ] in Chelsea.

"KING ME." The garage door across from the arts building housing AC Institute (see photo above). [ web-map ]

The EverTaggedWall of Chelsea. [ web-map ]

After being appointed to edit the Jerry Saltz [ wiki ] book of art studio signs, posing with a copy [ preview ] (with stored Ward art panels behind). Maybe next time try a different clothing color since the black book cover almost looks like t-shirt lettering.

More from Jerry Saltz:
1. Now official: Ward is wise.
2. Together, let's hide from art fairs.
3. Ward= formidable writer and model of how to argue online.
4. The Sphinx beckons (an inside-reference of honor).

Kenneth Snelson [ wiki ] sculpture Six Number Two (on loan from National Gallery of Art) in the background as Ward drops off Panel B of Series 30 (Begotten Forgotten) at a Smithsonian-affiliate gallery. Ken himself wrote affectionately, "Very rich & interesting art, your long panels""Great!"

Bits of Ward's Series 30 (Begotten, Forgotten) paintings (dark, foreground) inside and temporarily perched against the gallery window and awaiting installation at Smithsonian-affiliated gallery, outside (bright, background) on loan from the National Gallery of Art, Cluster of Four Cubes by George Rickey [ wiki ] slowly turns in the breeze.

Visiting DC in 2013 to see art by Olek and by Mia Pearlman at the Smithsonian's Renwick Museum. One of Mia's installations.

Artist Terry Ward aka GrumpyVisualArtist posed among his multi-panel OmniDirectional painting groups --some in mashup display.*

Playing with a Smithsonian-affiliate venue's mirror sphere after leaving Series 30 for installation at a group show.

(Art-writing) A late 2011 masthead of "In The Art World" magazine. Ward art-writing.

2012. Looking over the offerings in the basement-space of a new LES gallery. The occasionally-used gallery-hopping irony-bling is: a picture-hanging hook as a pendant (suspended from a triple bead-chain).

Erdos art at Claire Oliver again.

2012. Looking into the mirror piece over Claire's desk.

Visiting DC in 2013 to see art by Olek and by Mia Pearlman at the Smithsonian's Renwick Museum. One of Mia's installations.

How to provoke the museum guards.

Ward's "famously" paint-spattered artist shoes caught at an opening. 2010.* (Note: this is not the pair included in the Summer 2012 New York show.)

When art opening bottle-opener-staff put out a TIPS jar: must leave origami elephants. (Origami usually uses square paper; the elephant is one of the few forms which works with cash's rectangles.)

Extreme art-packing: nearly 50 Ward art panels stuffed into a Subaru wagon —in the building loading dock for set-up of the Summer 2012 solo.

3am. Rest stop. Somewhere in Jersey. Or Penna. The "dark" side of exhibiting in one state while storing most of the art in another (MUCH more affordable) state: occasional marathons of highway driving at all hours.

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Photo credits:

= Terry Ward aka GrumpyVisualArtist.
* =Robert Chapman ArtPhotos [ web ].
***=Ladimor Films.
**** =Courtesy of respective gallery.