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~Past US President Jimmy Carter [wiki-def] : "Wonderful paintings" "Rosalynn [wiki-def] joins me (saying)....they are a welcome addition to our collection"

~Sculptor Kenneth Snelson [wiki-def] : "Very rich & interesting art, your long panels""Great!"

~Past US Vice President Al Gore [wiki-def] : Tipper "[wiki-def] and I enjoy your painting, Choices" "we will ...cherish ...for our collection" (Note: of course this was before their divorce ---uncertain which of them wound up with the painting.)

~Flower Power Photographer Bernie Boston [wiki-def] : "Really interesting" "Intriguing integration of background and foreground elements"

~National Public Radio Pakistan Bureau Chief Julie McCarthy [web-NPR] : "This (Series 185) looks positively other worldly. What's the ultimate scale of it? Where and when does it go on sale?"

~Past Kenmore Gallery (closed), Phila., Co-Curator Harry Kulkowitz [web-NYT] : "Wow!” “These are f___ing great; I'm serious"

~“New York” Magazine Art Critic Jerry Saltz [wiki-def] : "You have fortitude and heart" (More here.)

~Past NPR Senior Correspondent David Molpus [www-google] : "Very interesting eye you have." "Amazing coloration and ideation."

~NPR Contributing-Reporter and Washington Post feature contributor Martha Woodroof [web-WashPo] : "Your Series 30 rocks!" "I love this stuff!!"


~Site 95 Journal "Terry Ward" in "Transforming New York, Street Objects" (Meaghan Kent ed, Kimberly Marrero cur; Vol 3, Issue 2, Page 21; June 2014). (Art pictured --color, text quotes)

~Hyperallergic "Terry Ward" in "This Is Your Selfie Reality" (Alicia Eler, 7 Apr 2014) [www]. (Pictured --color, text quotes)

~National Public Radio's All Things Considered: "A Farewell To Carrot Cake (And Other Things Lost Without World War I)" (NPR.org, Mar 2014). (Text quotes)

~Hyperallergic "Terry Ward, Brooklyn, New York" in "A View from The Easel #54" (Philip A Hartigan, 26 Dec 2013) [www]. (Art pictured --color, text quotes)

~GalleristNY by New York Observer: "Kenny Schachter Dives into Facebook’s Art-World Trenches" (Kenny Schachter, 9 Jan 2013) [www]. (Text quotes)

~JERRY SALTZ ART CRITIC's Fans, Friends, & The Tribes' Suggested ART STUDIO DOOR SIGNS of Real Life or Fantasy (2010, ISBN 978-0-9798261-0-8). (Text quotes)

~National Public Radio's All Things Considered: "Sneakers: Listeners' Stories Laced with Love" (NPR.org, Oct 2009) [img]. (Art pictured --color, text quotes)

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