-Art: Series 616 (Untitled / ...To Forget)

Multi-panel OmniDirectional painting group; panels composed and wired to hang at any angle. Dimensions variable; each panel (~10 lbs) size 78"x12" (6.5ft x 1ft). OK to show/sell/regroup any combination of panels (including singles) even with other series.
Series 616 (Untitled / Certainly A Different Person Then, That The Older Self Tries To Forget)
Oil, ExPaint, birthday candles, spent matches, manuscript traces, crayon, crushed pearl, frost effects, latex, acrylic, SPOW (aka mixed media).

All panels, hung horizontally:

All panels, angular cascade:

All panels, hung vertically:

Museum show hung in a mashup with Series 603:
Detail views: Panels individually:

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