Buying or gifting art

All sales must be negotiated via email. If able, please include links to the pages showing art panels you're interested in (both for clarity and to confirm panel availability).

We will work out by email:
1) What art you want to acquire,
2) Whether any shipping or personal delivery fees are involved,
3) Whether you'll be the standard price or a haggled-down price.

The following drop-down menu shows standard (pre-haggling) Ward ART PRICES:

# of panels, $ price
If we agree via email that you'll pay standard art prices, then you can pick the appropriate level above and press the BUY button. Then proceed to the delivery/mailing fee button below.

This drop-down menu shows typical fees for CRATE/MAILING or PERSONAL DELIVERY (Note: This fee, if applicable, is different from and in addition to the art cost):

Crate & mailing fees or delivery fee
If we agree via email that you'll pay standard delivery/mailing prices, then you can pick the appropriate level above and press the PAY button.

If we HAGGLE via email (and that's fine, don't be shy), then we'll work out one combined price for art plus mailing/delivery and you may ignore the buttons above and instead enter that amount in the blank below and hit the BUY button. Note: If we agree that you'll pay in INSTALLMENTS, then type in the blank below the installment amount and hit BUY; repeat monthly (or whatever agreed time-interval) as needed until paid in full:

Haggled agreed via email cost

The "friends and family rate" is not published publicly. Email the artist for detail.


Unless otherwise arranged, 5% sales tax will be added to the subtotal.

For on-site sales, the venue's commission is witheld from the artist from the pre-tax subtotal and kept by the venue. For off-site sales arranged through a venue's exhibit (long-term installment plans through, the artist will send the venue their portion of each installemnt as installments arrive. (Note: if the artist obtains representation from a gallery, sales would be entirely through said gallery; these terms apply for any non-representing venue.)

All items above apply to Terry Ward (AKA GrumpyVisualArtist) art only; if Ward exhibits with other artists, see respective artists' info if acquiring their art too.

Price, etc, info --quick tags:

Terry Ward's quick-tags on foamcore measure 20 in. by 30 in.
They are $ 176 each.
Volume discount:
If obtaining three panels or more, they are $95 each.
Boxing & mailing cost is $70 per order.
If you're getting quick-tags through this website, total up the amount needed, type it in the blank below, and hit the BUY button:

Quick-tags (duck/s on foamcore)
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More notes

Terry Ward works are UNTITLED.*
(Unofficial nicknames for single panels and ad hoc groups occasionally appear.)

*However, the Holocaust-themed black panels with barbed wire do have a name: HOLOCAUST: PEOPLE AND POTENTIAL BURNED TO ASH. The Holocaust black panels are not for sale (one doesn't seek profit from some things), and the artist is hoping for help arranging donation of those panels (and possibly of some related panels) to a worthy institution. Anyone with contacts which could facilitate a worthy institution accepting the Holocaust panels is encouraged to contact the artist through the artist's website:

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Gallerists note: The artist is unrepresented and thus moves art this way; however, if a gallery representation deal is made, sales in the gallery's rightful territory (and/or arranged by the gallery) naturally would be conducted through the gallery and use of this page would be limited to old (pre-gallery) accounts completing their installments. The artist shall not by independent sales undercut a bona fide gallery representation agreement if ever one should emerge. Galleries hosting Ward art on a guest basis without representation will be entitled to their normal percentage of sales generated from the exhibit and/or to the gallery's related networking.

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Payment via the website is by credit card, debit card, or PayPal only. Sorry, the payment forms do not accept gift cards.

Scammers please note: We're aware of the various Western Union money order overpayment scams and and fake cashier's checks, thank you very much. We don't believe a word about your "relative" who owns that odd standalone shipping company located (of course) in a foreign country. Take your scam inquiries elsewhere.

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