Curatorial Project 12: UNexhibit

Concept for proposed art exhibit:

UNexhibit     ( or UNshow or WHAT is the MEANING of THIS ):
Venue and guest-curator pick the title.

Theme: all UNtitled art by UNrepresented artists --meanings are purposefully left to the viewers, thus letting their own experiences, imaginations, and individual reactions to the pieces say what it means.*

Venues note: invited artists have "strategic value" --most have sufficient social-networking activity to add significant public or press attention to the venue, the exhibit, and their fellow artists. Showing these artists benefits the venue.

Artists are seasoned, experienced, and quality-focused --but not currently long-term represented by a gallery. Showing these artists benefits the artists.

Fewer than 40 artists in exhibit pool.
Most artists are New York City based or affiliated.
By chance, the pool is over half female and over 85% any-minority (including women).

Sample candidate images:
(Similar or additional art in comparable styles possible.)

Todd Yoder [ web ] acrylic on canvas (48x30).

Lisa Levy [ web ] oil on canvas (20x16).

Olya Turcihin [ web ] photo (18x24).

Rachelle Krieger [ web ] mixed media on board (18x18).

Elisa Pritzker [ web ] photo on canvas (11x11).

CJ Nye [ web ] gouache on matte (7.125x20).

Terry Ward [ web ] mixed media on 4 panels (78x12 each panel {arr.varies}).

Dianne Bowen [ web ] collage on paper (22x31).

Camilla Fallon [ web ] oil on canvas (38x30).

Adrienne Moumin [ web ] photo (12x8-3/8).

Adrienne Moumin [ web ] photo (12x8-3/8).

Bernard Klevickas [ web ] sculpture (13x12x10).

Nelson Loskamp [ web ] oil (18x24).

Heather Holden [ web ] watercolor & encaustic (47-1/2x32).

Patricia Fabricant [ web ] gouache (18x24 {hangs vert or horiz}).

Olya Turcihin [ web ] photo (18x24).

Rachelle Krieger [ web ] mixed media on linen (48x54).

Terry Ward [ web ] mixed media on 6 panels (78x12 each panel {arr.varies}).

Heins Kim [ web ] ink on metal (50x30).

Elisa Pritzker [ web ] photo on fur-edged canvas (6x6).

Possible performance add-ons
(optional indoors or outdoors at one or more times --possible mid-exhibit additional news event):

Anya Liftig [ web ] performance.

Joe Mangrum [ web ] sand-painting/performance.

Readymade graphics options
(venue-generated new graphics welcome):

Example poster/postcard using readymade graphics. (Venue-generated new graphics welcome.)

Artist participation by curatorial invitation or inside-nomination only.

Guest-curator: Terry Ward, artist and art-writer with the "In The Art World" / "M" / "The New York Art World" [ web ] magazine group.

*If using exhibit title "WHAT is the MEANING of this", additional viewer participation is possible by adding the tagline "you tell us" and providing reply cards. Public responses could be tacked up near the art, put in a window display, and/or posted by staff to an exhibit webpage --perhaps as "meaning of the day".

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