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(I didn't diddle with the my photo either. it says this. really. go see. 53 orchard. )

Crumbling 1930's federal cornerstone evokes the poem "I am the great Ozymandias" —image from 2012.

Fashionistas at work. North Cove Marina. Note: "keep off" rules don't apply to models.

Night skyline seen from Jersey City. 2012.

"Love is." Chelsea piers 2006.

Puke. (Not photographer's.) 2010.

"Why bother?" Art sign in a subway station. 2010?


LES / Chinatown. 2011?

Empire State seen from the neon stripe installation in Jersey City. The Chrysler's top peeks out from behind ESB's shoulder. 2012.

Spring 2001 near the taxi hive on West Street near the Meatpacking/Chelsea border. In Chelsea, even the sidewalks hate W Bush.

Yikes! Found on the sidewalk outside a school in Chelsea. 2012.

Vestige from the long gone days of subway-platform-level restrooms evokes memories of the 70's. This one is now an improvised floor-cleaning supplies closet. Image: 2012.

WTC circa 1995.

Wee One and Wifey visiting the hundred-Xth floor.

The replacement under construction. July 2012.

Badge-wreath of blue flowers with "NYC PBA" glitter lettering —memorial placed by the cops' benevolent association to honor lost 9-11-01 police.

Rare appearance of the nocturnal MTA Rubbletrain.

Dig dig dig.

The launch cometh. 2012.

Ellis Island and the Wall seen from the launch.

Color tape guide-marks? Or tape art? Some found-minimalism in Chelsea. 2012.

Finding more color tape adds to the tape art hypothesis.

The Pride of Baltimore visits NYC during 2012's Fleet Week. Statue of Liberty in the lower left.

CHE stickertag in Chelsea around 22nd Street or so. Applause to whoever added the gallery red dot (sold) sticker. Because this Che is wearing a t-shirt, this Che photo is respectfully and jokingly dedicated to DC-area artist-gallerist (of Cuban heritage) Lenny Campello [ web ] who sometimes gives a hard time to those who wear Che t-shirts. Circa 2009/10-ish.

Unaltered photo. Really. Go see.
53 orchard. [ web-map ].

Chelsea's EverTaggedWall [ web-map ]. Circa 2010.

As long suspected: MTA eats children. Canal Street station. Circa 2008.

The Williamsburg/h Bridge is upset and see here now, she's more than just where you stick your dick. From the upperworks walkway. 2010.

SoHo. "If you see something, say something" spoof stickertag. 2005.

Jesus Saves New York City. Circa 2002.

Genie Lift in urban camouflage ---thanks to spraypaint tags, trying to "blend" into the support pylon. Along a favorite Brooklyn-to-LES walk: bike/walkway of the Williamsburg(h) Bridge. 2010.

Another view of the Chelsea Che.

WB Bridge pavement stenciltag marks the spot where a motorist ran over young funky music-mashup performer DJ Josh Link as he rode his scooter. It was a fatal impact. R.I.P.

The obligatory looking-up-at-a-bridge-tower view. 2010.

Ever-present GroundZeroFluteBum —active circa 2003-2008. Image: 2005.

Kambui Olujimi and Coby Kennedy being interesting. 2010.

Gutter flags. Queens. 2004.

Limo crewmen. Meatpacking Dist. 2006.

"Vertical marketing" circa 2005.

Chelsea. "NY is pierless."

Nicholas Cage is made of wax. Of course everyone already knew Nicholas Cage is made of wax. Circa 2006.

Ghostbike [ wiki ] in Brooklyn. 2010.
The ghostbikes on either end of the Williambburg/h Bridge inspired a poem.


Times Square reflections (flipped for read-ability). Circa 2005.

The Village. Half-foot of grot choking a shop's basement-vent grate. 2009.

Ground Zero recovery composition. 2006.

RINY secret trove of the old iron Roosevelt Island Bridge lamppost columns. 2010.

Ground Zero recovery composition. Concrete-saw sliced sidewalk and double-headed construction/temporary nails.

Dedication plaque for the Williamsburg Bridge ---officially "Williamsburgh" (though after decades of vandalism and letter-theft, now "WI_LIAMS_U_GH" bridge). 2010.

Mister ThreeEyedSplatFace. The Village. 2006.

Ad-mural tagged (yo! not by me!). This is a street-level painted ad in LES. 2010.

Stickerscape on East Broadway. 2005.

A DickChicken and something from BigRectangleStickerGuy on the EverTaggedWall [ web-map ] in Chelsea. 2010.

Closeup of the DickChicken stickertag.

A completely different DickChicken along with a TouristMouse likely either by Banksy or Banksy's "teacher," Blek le Rat. Chelsea. 2010. UPDATE: the 520 W 22nd St site has since also been stickertagged by GrumpyVisualArtist (with permission).

Tile tag by visiting French street artist Invader [ wiki ] or a local copycat. Applause to whoever added the gallery red dot (sold) sticker. Chelsea circa 2009.

Tile tag by visitingFrench street artist Invader [ wiki ] or a local copycat. Chinatown circa 2009.

Tile tag by visiting French street French street artist Invader [ wiki ] or a local copycat. Chelsea EverTaggedWall. Circa 2010?

Tile tag by visiting French street artist Invader [ wiki ] or a local copycat. Brooklyn 2010.

Little bird versus the "Big Alice" [ wiki ] complex.

This construction wall misses The Old Terry.

Saw this statue at the Met many times before noticing the tiny egg at its foot.

September Eleventh: we will never forget ---or something. The victims' memorial trees on Canal Street were cut down to the ground for no readily apparent reason. Only the now-orphaned dedication plaque remains ---plus stumps and decorative cobbles.

Information overload in deli window ---combined reflections (reversed for readability) of Times Square lit newsfeeds, video screens, etc, on the window before the backlit menu panels.

Grandpappy worked in the ESB as an accountant for Schenley. 35th Floor? 37th? One of the Thirties. Mom worked there too as a summer intern in the mid-1950's.

One of the favorite haunts: in the river off RINY to commune with water and the 59th St / Queensboro Bridge.

Times Square plasma sign tech atop a flatbed truck piled high with lettering.

From across the street this looks just a little like Mister T. Up close one sees it is 1) not Mr T, and 2) a hollow-form ---an unman. This piece got snide comments ---"too soon", etc--- from those who thought it referenced September Eleventh WTC jumpers. No actually. This sculpture was made at least five years before the Lower Manhattan Massacre of 9-11. Artist: Craig Kraft [ web ].

Traces still visible circa 2005 of September Eleventh rescuers' blaze orange cyphers. X-mark means structure was searched (mark prevents rescuers wasting time by re-checking already-searched sites) ---date: 9/16. Meaning of "in plane" uncertain.

Traces still visible circa 2005 of September Eleventh rescuers' blaze orange cyphers. ---though this specimen being tagged-over by ignorant or just-disrespectful graffiti noobs. X-mark means structure was searched (mark prevents rescuers wasting time by re-checking already-searched sites) ---date: 9/15. Also marked "searched" and "FDNY Capt 6". Large circle is a blotted-out digit which once told how many corpses were found.

A solidarity (and/or please-don't-hate-us) flag nailed up over a taxi drivers' garage in Chelsea in 2001 —tired but still there in 2012.

Reflections on a shop window.
Jock-stars are enshrined;
These merry bobble-giants
After all
The gods of our culture
So why not
The Easter Island statue proportions?

Test test test on a bridge bridge bridge. 2007.

SPAG tagged the High Line overpass
SPAG tagged the High Line overpass
SPAG tagged the High Line overpass
SPAG tagged the High Line overpass
SPAG tagged the High Line overpass
Of course this is from before the creation of the High Line park. The overpasses now are painted black and the graffiti is gone. Now tourists walk the High Line and vex the gallerists below by expecting to use their venues as public restrooms.

A complex improvised anti-dog obstacle protecting a tree's knees also used as a five-square-foot playground by kids tired of using pavement as a play surface.

Soon after writing the article about graffiti artist Sofia Maldonado [ web ], I found a tag by her in the wild just north of the Williamsburg/h Bridge in Brooklyn. I'd passed by it a few times before realizing I'd just seen this style hanging at her solo exhibit at Magnan-Metz gallery [ web ] in Chelsea.

Aye because the sidewalk tree can survive the first 500 squirts, but dies after 501. A stretch of West 22nd St (300's? 400's? forgot) is hyper-attuned to dog-incursion upon their treesquare mini-gardens. This was the most amusing of the many signs.

Love the Delancey Street subway station mosaic giant fish.

Still under construction and lit by temporary worklights, WTC1's top is lost in a low cloud. May 2012. From set-up night of Ward's solo at the nearby New York Mercantile Exchange's gallery.

Liberty from barge The Honorable William Wall. July 14 (Bastille Day), 2012.

Clinton Street "Lost Duck" poster. Ned and Aya Rosen [ web ] wryly deny involvement.

A wonderful accidental color-cluster in the paint-jobs of loading docks on W 27th. The sprinklers are a few doors east of Winkleman gallery [ web ]. Hereby proclaimed: THE WINKLESPRINKLErs

Times Square lights reflected (image flipped for readability).

Used a commuter train. Here's essence of (i.e. a sea of white middle-aged foreheads).

Limo meets gutter trash ---oh how like life.

Newspaper bundle in ice. Forgotten location. 2011.

Brooklyn glower practice at badly spraytagged Williamsburg/h Bridge name plaque. The glower-picture has a punchline: on the far right edge, someone wrote "smile". 2010.

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Photo credits:

= Terry Ward aka GrumpyVisualArtist.
* =Robert Chapman ArtPhotos [ web ].
***=Ladimor Films.
**** =Courtesy of respective gallery.