-SCRAPBOOK: Posing Around The Art World 14

"Back in the day" (circa 1995?) Terry Ward and sister prepare to lay down in a Felix Gonzales Torres [ wiki ] candypile and make snow angels until told by a Guggenheim guard to cut it out.

The late-great FGT was showing in the 90's --before the digital camera. Scanning this hardcopy photo to digital washed out the color for some reason; the photo was mostly monochrome anyway, but the candy was copper-gold. This image has some amber color digitally re-inserted --apologies for such an obvious photo-manipulation. Kneeling person holding white object has a tube of the prints the artists allowed visitors to take away. Ward saved four full sets.

``Why the ill-fitting spectacles? Poverty (then). They're borrowed. (Actually, jacket too.)

Back to the 21st Century, Ward art shown at Chicago / Savannah / New Orleans, etc thru BillboardArtProject. Details of Series 170 aka Joss Boss shown here.

Ward in the fire escape stairs of the Times Square MBM Publications headquarters and lit by a lucky sunbeam --therefore asked to hold still for a photo. MBM makes "In The Art World" magazine [ web ] (aka "The New York Art World") for which Ward sometimes writes.*

Posing outside MBM's office again (outside= on the 30-inch building-ledge many stories above Times Square). Why? Photographer said it would be a cool image. Okay, it is. Don't fall? Get cool photo. Building in the background is the Westin tower.*

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*Robert Chapman ArtPhotos ( Facebook.com/ArtistCamera )
**Robert Chapman ArtPhotos directed by Terry Ward
***Terry Ward directed by Robert Chapman ArtPhotos
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