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Artist Notes re Series 270 (ArtCritic Money Shots)

Art criticism is an intimate act --sometimes passionate love, sometimes an assault. There is a transmission of the writer's essence like so much DNA evidence, which might lead to a permanent new presence or (more likely) will be just Kleenexed away. The stains and the words are usually fleeting, and so on the paintings, most are made from frottaged pulp paper --the materials' instability is part of the art. The paper is from Chinatown newspapers (so much artspeak is a foreign language to so many) or from classic novels (such loving speech at times). A 60's student copy of Pride and Prejudice went to slaughter for this project. Other phrases are dabbled with a shiny clear substance.

Like "money shots," most of the action thrust forth with such gusto is soon forgotten about --like last month's writing. Some phrases last longer --here made with paint dripped Jackson Pollock style but with the spatters forming manuscript words.

The most quotable critic these days is Jerry Saltz from "New York" Magazine --not only for his memorable words but also for his refreshingly anti-capitalist philosophy: unconcerned about property, he often says "take anything of me." Artists can then assume that copyright lawyers won't storm the studio. Critics' phrases --readable or not-- cover the paintings. The largest-size phrases including "(m)aybe the art school(s)...to suck the air out of" (current art-making) and of course "maybe enter Thebes" are straight from Saltz (with permission).

Large texts:

"(m)aybe the art school(s)"
--Panel B

"to suck the air out of"
--Panel A

"(m)ight be worthy o(f)"
--Panel C

"or maybe enter Thebe(s)"
--Panel D

Artist Notes above re Series 270 (ArtCritic Money Shots)

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