-SCRAPBOOK: Posing Around The Art World 11 (Blood)

Ward seeing gallery visitors' reflections in the glossy blood-in-resin art of Jordan Eagles [ web ] at Krause Gallery [ web ] in LES ---entered cynically filled with "oh no, will this art fad ever end?" preconceptions about not-wanting to see yet another body fluids show, left struck with thoughts of life's fleeting brevity inspired by the art. Fully won-over. Well executed pictures. This had to go into a magazine article.*

Ward and photographer-friend Robert Chapman reflected in a blood-art piece by Jordan Eagles at Krause.

Detail of the metallic blobs and resists artfully added to the blood.

More reflections in the blood art. Everyone asks: it is not human blood ---cows usually. The artist's website says "salvaged from slaughterhouses."

Photos do not do the art justice. Fist-deep multi-layered glassy resin sandwiched with metallic effects, scorch effects, and dried redness sealed in place. It is cliche to remark that art coated with resin "has such depth to it" (of course, when one views paint through a quarter-inch of clear topcoat), but this art has SUCH depth.

Psychological depth too ---seeing the reflections flicker and fade in the glassy surfaces becomes memento mori and the old phrase ars longa VITA BREVIS comes to mind. Art is long. Oh life is short. One also ponders human life's primal beginnings ---person emerges from mixing of body fluid. Even without knowing the pigment's origin, one can admire the post-painterly color-field designs made so bold with the scale and use of unusual clear-box "canvas".

Portrait of artist Jordan Eagles by Robert Chapman ArtPhotos. Eagles was humble and kept trying to redirect photographers' attention to the art.*

Finally a picture of Robert Chapman [ web ] of Robert Chapman ArtPhotos.***

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*Robert Chapman ArtPhotos ( Facebook.com/ArtistCamera )
**Robert Chapman ArtPhotos directed by Terry Ward
***Terry Ward directed by Robert Chapman ArtPhotos
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