-SCRAPBOOK: Posing Around The Art World 1

w/ Savannah Spirit [ web ] in LES at an exhibit she organized.

Gazing into the Eat Me mirror at [ web ] in Chelsea.

Ward art panels loom over Craig The Industrious [ web ] at his gallery in DC. This is not an exhibit --just humoring the artist by taking a look.*

The EverTaggedWall of Chelsea.

"Rare appearance of the artist's teeth ---largely unseen since 1975" with Lenny Campello [ web ] at Gateway Arts Center in DC. A Tim Tate [ web ] wall piece behind.

After editing the Jerry Saltz [ wiki ] book of art studio signs, posing with a copy [ preview ] (with stored Ward art panels behind). Maybe next time try a different clothing color since the black book cover almost looks like t-shirt lettering.

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More pics from the ART WORLD series here.

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*Photo credit: Robert Chapman