-SCRAPBOOK: Posing Around The Art World 9

"Artist Terry Ward saving Gavin Brown's parking space" in the Rirkrit Tiravanija no-front-wall exhibit shortly after fellow artists Eric Clinton Anderson and Patricia Silva stole Gavin's car [ article ] --or rather shifted conventional viewer/artwork paradigms in a relational aesthetics interpretive experience.

Meanwhile, blocks away at Postmasters gallery [ www ], another wall-removal project --though just a partial. Oskar Dawicki's exhibit.

So it is time to declare wall-removal an art fad.

More of the Rirkrit Tiravanija show at Gavin Brown [ www ]. This is the soup zone seen from the weatherdeck.

Stove's eye view of the holy soup pot. Rirkrit Tiravanija wasn't making soup himself ---delegated to artist Danny Baez.

Some of the spices.

Artist Danny Baez, chief cook and bottle-washer during this phase of Rirkrit Tiravanija at Gavin Brown.

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More pics from the ART WORLD series here.

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