-SCRAPBOOK: Posing Around The Art World 4

The famed bike by artist Crocheted Olek [ web ] locked up in LES before it got tattered, got stitched back up, appeared in "Metro", and was eventually removed by NYPD. 2010. Olek has since done ever more daring crocheterventions, including wrapping the Wall Street bull sculpture.

Exhibit set-up at the Met. An edgy painting rendered semi-surreal with the addition of temporary anti-dust wrap: Lucian Freud's 1991-2, Naked Man Back View. Photo circa 2008?

Harry Kulkowitz and Dad outside the 2006 Nathalie Djurberg [ web ] exhibit of puppetporn claymation video [ web ] at Zach Feuer gallery. Harry was a principal at the former Kenmore Gallery [ search ] in Philly (early booster of Ansel Adams and of Claes Oldenburg) before leading the renovation of Cape May. Cartoon voice balloon behind them says, "LOWLIFE SCUM AND FREAKS," which is just what Dad ---not a fan of such art--- is thinking.

Reflected in Reflective Reflexion [ web ] (exhibit of a Corban Walker and a Carrie Yamaoka artwork, curated by Joy Garnett in the back of Winkleman Gallery [ web ]). 2010.

Streetside Chelsea
Outside a gallery ---shattered glass in the gutter
Crushed into hot pavement
Still in places sparkling and intriguing,
But fragmented and fading ---doomed.
Like the dreams of a thousand artists.

(Any you're not reading a caption, but a poem ---"Boombidda-BUMmm" goes the bongo drum.)

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*Photo credit: Robert Chapman