-SCRAPBOOK: Around The City 9 (All Graffiti)

CHE stickertag in Chelsea around 22nd Street or so. Applause to whoever added the gallery red dot (sold) sticker. Because this Che is wearing a t-shirt, this Che photo is respectfully and jokingly dedicated to DC-area artist-gallerist (of Cuban heritage) Lenny Campello who sometimes gives a hard time to those who wear Che t-shirts. Circa 2009/10-ish.

Chelsea's EverTaggedWall. Circa 2010.

As long suspected: MTA eats children. Canal Street station. Circa 2008.

The Williamsburg/h Bridge is upset and see here now, she's more than just where you stick your dick. From the upperworks walkway. 2010.

SoHo. "If you see something, say something" spoof stickertag. 2005.

Jesus Saves New York City. Circa 2002.

Genie Lift in urban camouflage ---thanks to spraypaint tags, trying to "blend" into the support pylon. Along a favorite Brooklyn-to-LES walk: bike/walkway of the Williamsburg(h) Bridge. 2010.

Another view of the Chelsea Che.

WB Bridge pavement stenciltag marks the spot where a motorist ran over young funky music-mashup performer DJ Josh Link as he rode his scooter. It was a fatal impact. R.I.P.

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