-ART: Series 70 (Stop Loss)

Multi-panel painting group. Dimensions variable; each panel (~10 lbs) size 78"x12" (6.5ft x 1ft). OK to show/sell/regroup any combination of panels (including singles) even with other series (note: panels A & B no longer available —VIP collection).
Series 337 (Stop Loss)*
Oil, acrylic, military uniform pieces, burnt tires, objects, fire-effects on panels (aka mixed media).

Real world view (from the "Between The Acts" show) in mashup display with Series 50

Panels A and B are in the executive conference room in the Allen Pavilion of the Carter Center [ www ]. To view the panels, obtain permission from the volunteer coordinator's office before arrival since the art is in a secure, usually-staff-only part of the presidential facility. (Photo courtesy Jimmy Carter's staff.)

*Artist notes:
Some of the brushstrokes are actually small texts quoting things people say about new recruits ("Momma's little girl is all grown up now", "The discipline will do him good", etc) or motivations for enlisting ("Money for college", "Straighten my life out", "See the world", etc). These are obscured by clues that a roadside bomb has taken soldiers' lives. A "futility of war" monument. Real "mil spec" dog tags made with a vintage war surplus machine have custom lettering like "WE REGRET", "ON BEHALF", or "PROFITEERS GAIN".

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