-ART: Series 45 (Blue Star Mom)

An OmniDirectional painting panel.
The panel is composed and wired for hang at any angle.
Unusually, there is just one panel in this series group.
Each panel weighs around 20 lbs.
One unit, (deviation from standard format) 40in by 80in; overall dimensions variable from 40inx80in or 80inx80in or various if hung at angle.

Series 45 (aka Blue Star Mom)
Mixed media on panel. Oil, acrylic, vintage papers, objects, SPOW, gravity-effects, water-effects, manucsript-drips.

Parts of 1945 newspapers and books went into the composition which at times evoked historical references to Blue Star Moms [ wiki ] ---as if the messages were from letters exchanged with overseas family. The style is quite similar to Series 210. Series 45 is no longer available.

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Unusual art processes.

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