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In May of 2016, several multi-panel "modular mash-up" Ward paintings were on solo exhibit at the Darrin-McHone Gallery, one of the two Smith House galleries in Virginia. (Ward's spouse, a traditional oil painter, concurrently showed in the other Smith House gallery; the overall binary presentation was themed, "ToWards different visions.") In the Darrin-McHone exhibit, Holocaust piece finally appeared in public. To balance that piece's heavy mood, other pieces were neutral or lighthearted --including panels over-tagged with Ward's Banksy-inspired stencil-graffiti ducks.

The Holocaust piece:

The Holocaust piece's info label:

Other pieces in the show:


A display case held "process relics" including shot-up BIAP!-used spraypaint cans and crusty, spattered painting clothes.

The case had arched windows and a mirrored back, allowing for an amusing selfie with a double reflection, reflections of the art, and (hiding the camera) studio clothes and empty spraypaint cans.

Here's a grayscale version

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